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Uniroyal Tyres

Uniroyal is the rain tyre specialist.

For more than 30 years, the Uniroyal brand has represented high-level expertise in the development of rain tyres. As the inventor of the rain tyre, Uniroyal has always been synonymous with the very best in wet weather tyre technology. Every one of our products is uncompromisingly designed to provide optimum performance and safety in the wet. This leading position has been proven through a wide range of independent tests.

Uniroyal Tyres

There is a good reason why our slogan "Uniroyal - the rain tyre" is one of the best-known in its industry throughout Europe.

Our aim is to keep you safe on the road at all times - even when conditions are wet.

The highest level of safety on wet roads - that's our company philosophy. In the UK and Ireland, it rains for around 165 days each year and the risk of having an accident in wet conditions is around twice as high as when roads are dry.We ensure that you are equipped to cope with all weathers - with maximum protection against aquaplaning.

Research into safety.

Our product development is based on intensive research work. Our constant improvements to all tyre components from the tread and contour through to the rubber compound itself have made our name synonymous with rain tyre technology. The main aim of a tyre in wet weather is to channel water away from the tyre, allowing the tyre to grip the road.
At 60mph a Uniroyal tyre can disperse water at the rate of eight litres every second - Uniroyal tyres really do repel water. In short: our tyres are good in the dry but excel when it rains!

The safer you feel, the more you can enjoy the drive. Whatever your plans, the weather can no longer ruin your day.

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