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Run Flat Tyres

Every day, drivers expect more and more from their cars in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency. Run Flat Tyres are increasingly fitted to the premium cars of today and tomorrow.

Safety for you and safety for other road users

Run Flat tyres enable you to safely continue your journey even in the case of a sudden loss of air pressure. The Run Flat capability is immediately effective at the moment of pressure loss, keeping the vehicle under control and avoiding potentially fatal situations.

Run Flat tyres

The end of dangerous roadside tyre changes

Run Flat is able to continue driving in comfort and safety for another 80km at a speed of 80km/hour.  So you can reach your destination, a safe location.

Increased efficiency and comfort

RFT removes the need to carry a spare tyre, reducing weight and offering the end user more storage space and the car manufacturer more design opportunities.

** Run Flat Tyres are only suitable for vehicles equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

We strongly recommend to only fit RFT on a vehicle that is originally equipped with run flat tyres (either standard or as option). Vehicles fitting Run Flat Tyres (standard or optional) must always be equipped with a tyre pressure warning system.

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