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Evergreen Tyres

Evergreen Tyres

Evergreen is the new premium budget tyre from China and is THE up and coming name in the tyre industry.

Evergreen tyres are manufactured by Shandong Jinyu Tire Company which has two plants manufacturing 2.5 million commercial tyres and 10.5 million car tyres. The company has an excellent awareness of ECE regulations with the range of tyres currently being produced already S (sound) & W (wet grip) type approved, PAH approved and E marked.

Evergreen Tyres

All this is backed up by worldwide quality accreditation including CCC, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 17025, TS16949, DOT, ECE and INMETRO. Evergreen tyres are manufactured in a large modern factory with excellent quality control and by the year 2015 it will have seen £500 million invested in its tyre production equipment and R & D facilities. The company is so confident of the quality of their offering that they will replace any tyre that is found to be defective due to the manufacturing process or materials used or even if it suffers unrepairable damage resulting from normal road use (subject to terms and conditions) – a definitive statement from a Chinese tyre manufacturer.

Evergreen tyres use silica base tread compounds for improved grip and handling with good testing facilities and excellent quality control to ensure that they are able to meet future requirements and to further improve their offering to the market. There is an opinion in the industry that it is doubtful if there is a better quality tyre made in China.
Evergreen tyres are an exclusive brand and can be sold with confidence in the brand, the construction of the tyre, and the performance of it to the consumer.

Why buy Evergreen tyres from Tanvic Tyre and Service Centre?

We buy in containers direct from the factory so we get the best availability combined with the best price which we pass on to the customer. Evergreen is an exclusive high quality, well manufactured budget brand designed to perform well on all vehicles and is only available from selected tyre dealers.

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