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Forte Engine Treatment

We use Forte treatments to save you money. Independent tests have proven that Forte treatments can save up to 14% fuel

We stock most leading brand names along with many economy ranges and our ‘House’ brands and competitive prices. With over 150,000 items in stock at any time we are sure we will have something to suit your tyre needs.

A clean fuel system can improve fuel economy, restore lost power, reduce exhaust emissions and decrease your carbon footprint.


Forté is a name that is synonymous with the very best in effective engine treatments. Tanvic Tyre and Service Centres use Forté engine treatments on a regular basis are now included as part of the ‘norm’ when it comes to servicing a vehicle. Forté have over 30 years worth of experience in the UK helping and advising garages on how to make a noticeable difference to a car’s performance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Engine treatments fight friction to help protect against engine wear by providing a thicker cushion between moving
engine parts. This high-viscosity formula is specially formulated to help fight metal-to-metal friction by providing a thicker cushion between moving engine parts. It helps protect against engine wear, reduce oil consumption and protect engine parts.

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