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Tanvic Tyres

Caravan Tyres

Tyres are the only part of the caravan which are in contact with the road surface. Safety in acceleration, braking, Tanvicing and cornering all rely on the tyres' relatively small contact area with the road surface. In addition, tyres also play a fundamental role in the suspension systems of caravans.

With such an important role, it is essential that tyres are properly maintained and regular checks are carried out. With the correct care and attention your tyres will help to ensure you arrive at your holiday destination safely, without disruption and with minimal cost.

Caravan Tyres

Fitting the right tyre to your caravan, trailer or motorhome

The original tyres for a caravan are determined by joint consultation between the caravan and tyre manufacturers and
take into account all aspects of operation. Any changes in tyre size or type should not be undertaken without seeking advice from the caravan or tyre manufacturer. In some European countries it is illegal to use replacement tyres which differ in certain respects such as size, load or speed rating, from the tyre originally fitted by the manufacturer.

It is essential that tyres of the correct specification are fitted to caravans, trailers and motorhomes. The same tyre construction type, i.e. radial or cross-ply, should be fitted to all tyres on the same axle.