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Michelin Tyres

Michelin Tyres
Number 1 in technology; number 1 in competition, Michelin is one of the best known brands in the world, let alone the tyre industry.

Whether its tyres for cars, two-wheel vehicles, trucks, construction machinery, tractors or aircrafts; Michelin provides innovative solutions for the different operating conditions corresponding to each vehicle. Through partnerships with vehicle manufactures, Michelin contributes to the development of the whole industry.

Michelin Tyres

Recent emphasis has been placed on energy-efficiency technology and the Michelin Energy range utilises low rolling resistance performance to reduce CO² emissions. Having won World Rally Championships, Formula 1 races and Le Mans among other successes, Michelin today has a strong presence in the tyre market thanks to the development of products which set the technical standard for the world in the competition field.

The Michelin range includes:

Competition Client - at the forefront of technology, designed and developed by our research teams, and guarantees the best performance.

Passenger Vehicle – Safety, value for money, comfort and respecting the environment are just some of the qualities of this vast range.

Motorcycle – on-road and off-road variants available all of which benefit from Michelin motorsports experience. Adapts to all surfaces, all operating conditions, for increased levels of comfort, grip and endurance.

Heavy Goods Vehicles – resistant, hardy and efficient tyres, whatever the vehicle, style of driving and road.

Civil Engineering – Covers a wide and diverse range of vehicles including those for surface mines, quarry works and port handling. All tyres offer optimum levels of performance and productivity without compromising stability.

Agriculture – limit the impact on the soil but maintains high levels of durability. Tyres available to suit a wide range of vehicles including tractors, harvesting machinery and trailers.

Aviation – utilises specific technologies to increase wear resistance. Constantly evolving range to meet the unique needs whether commercial, regional or military aircrafts.

Tanvic Tyre and Service Centre stock the entire range of Michelin Tyres at very competitive prices.

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